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Meet Ella Charette

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An artist and a maestro in the world of colors and canvases, whose journey from the classical training grounds of Russia to the vibrant art scene in Calgary, has been nothing short of a masterpiece. With a rich tapestry of experience, Ella doesn’t just create art; she breathes it, weaving her profound ideas into every stroke and shade. Her expertise spans classical to contemporary impressionism, and her work is not just seen but felt internationally. Ella is an artist and mentor, guiding students of all ages towards crafting their own masterpieces.

A Lifelong Passion for Art and Mentorship

Ella was an artist before she even knew it, even before she took her first steps. Her journey with art has been intrinsic, almost as if her soul has always been intertwined with vibrant hues and expressive canvases. Ella doesn’t just work with mediums; she converses with them, bringing forth original, fresh, and vivacious artworks that speak volumes. Her drive to perpetually experiment and evolve her ideas has seen her delve into various artistic realms, with a particular emphasis on classical impressionism and a unique meld of abstract and contemporary impressionism. Ella’s passion extends beyond her own creations, as she mentors and guides students at NW Calgary Art Classes.

Internationally Recognized Art Maestro

Ella’s artistic prowess has not only been recognized but celebrated on international platforms. In 2015, her work was juried in Moscow, Russia, earning her the esteemed title of a National level UNESCO artist. Her creations are not confined to a single space but are adorning walls and collections across Canada, the USA, Europe, and Russia, transcending boundaries and touching hearts globally. Ella’s art is not just viewed; it’s experienced, and it’s this universal appeal that has etched her name in the minds of art collectors. Her ability to mentor and guide students towards creating their own masterpieces is a testament to her commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists.

Beacon of Education and Expertise

Ella’s educational journey in art is both deep and extensive. With 11 years of formal art training, she has imbibed the essence of artistic expression and technique from renowned institutions in Russia. From the Russian Republic Boarding School for Gifted Artists to earning her Master of Fine Arts and Crafts from the City of Ufa Bashkir State Pedagogical University, Ella has not only learned but mastered the art and science of creating. As a teacher of Fine Arts and Drawing, she now illuminates the path for aspiring artists, sharing her knowledge, expertise, and passion with every eager mind. Ella doesn’t just teach; she mentors and guiding each student with personalized attention.